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We together can make the world Greener One step at a time

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Eco Concepts

Objective: To enable individuals and entrepreneurs to use and promote eco-friendly products, concepts and services to enhance their daily lives and at the same time sustaining the resources of the mother earth. Do you know that we have already consumed more than half of the resources on our planet in last few hundred years? If […]

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Eco-Friendly Birthday

Most of our celebrations are really harsh on our environment. The flex printed banners, Plastic, or styrofoam disposable plates,  Glasses, bowls, and spoons, is really bad for the environment. Why should the environment suffer while you are celebrating? There is surely a better way. How can we celebrate your child’s Eco-Friendly birthday? Say NO to […]

Eco Friendly Conference

All professionals attend various conferences. The best way to upgrade your knowledge, learn new things in your field and share thoughts with the professional community. Just think, how much plastic is used in a conference. We thought of making your conference an eco-friendly conference. Eco-Friendly conference kits: We have created this eco-friendly kit just for […]

Eco Products

Eco-Friendly Products We have some products that will make a little difference Terracotta Products: Terracotta Products: